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Dracula 1 Day Tour


Get closer. Peep into the mystery world. Fear.

You are just one step away to visit the land of Vlad “Tepes” Dracula.

  • 500+ years back to history
  • 200+ captivating photographs
  • 100+ travelled kilometers
  • 10 breath-taking stops
  • 2 medieval castles
  • 1 unforgettable day

One day DRACULAwel.come expedition will take you to the history for few moments and experience the time of Vlad “Tepes” Dracula. It is a one day intense experience with seeing everything most important of Dracula legacy. You will surprised about all achievements, legends and myths turing around this bloodthirsty ruler in European history and at the same time the model for Bram Stoker´s novel Dracula.

Dracula Tour Includes

One day trip to the Dracula history is a standard and quick tour to give you some insights to Draculas life, however it will not give you the broader picture. You will experience vampire atmosphere the quickest way possible. 

Dracula Tour Locations 

To offer the best quality service, we limit the amount of visitors in a group to 16. Entertainment is guaranteed!


All the above included for a 1-DAY TOUR solely 149 EUR* per person.

*No hidden fees. Groups of four and more are endowed with discount of 10 %.

**It takes only 250 EUR extra and you can quadraple your Dracula experience via our 3-day Dracula tour and get a room in the hotel Dracula for a night

Interested? Please, choose one of the suitable days for you. Your reservation is not binding until you confirm it.

We guarantee an unforgettable experience, amazing photographs and original memoirs in a NON-bloodthirsty company.

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Prepare yourself for:

  • One of the most beautiful cities in Europe - Sinaia
  • Charming Prahova river valley
  • Historical city Brasov
  • Mystical cemetery in Brasov city
  • Castle Bran - model castle for the Dracula novel
  • Mysterious house under the Bran castle

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Trip as a gift

Trip as a gift

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