Dracula places

There are several places which are synonomous to Vlad Dracula and Count Dracula mentioned in the novel.

Sighisoara a lovely historical city where Vlad Dracula was born. Bastille Poenari was rebuilt and was appointed his official residence whilst ruling Wallachia. The well known Monastery in Snagov where according to the legend, It is said that a headless body of Vlad Dracula is buried on the lakefront.

Places associated with the Novel are also very popular. The Golden Crown Hotel (Coroana de Aur in Romanian). This hotel in the Novel is said that Harker stayed until he regained his strength. Romanians have specifically built a hotel bearing the same name and atmosphere clost to Borgo Valley near Bistrita city.  Bistrita city in a misty night is just as mysterious as describes by Stoker in his novel. Bran Castle close to Brašov city a Well-preserved, mystical and also has the depicted look as described in Bram's novel. Despite Vlad Dracula's ownership, he spent at the castle just a fraction of his life.