Dracula translation of the word Devil, was given to him when he formed part of Dragon Knights in 1431 in the Transylvanian city of Sighisora. Born as a child of Vlad II. Dracul, Dracula was the King of Wallachia. He was also nicknamed „Cepeš“ – Impaler for his favourite method of disarming  enemies. He not only implemented his method on Turks, but on political opponents and criminals. During his 6year governance, it was said that more than 100 000 people where murdered in this brutal way.

Vlad Dracula is a recognized national hero in Romania. Due to his cruelty he was paid great respect from the Turks, whom he was also an arch enemy of. A popular legend tells the story of a Sultan's delegation, who had their turbans nailed to their heads forever.. after they refused to remove them due to the Islam religion beliefs. Sultan Mehmed II personally commanded a 60,000 army to occupy Wallachia and crown a new king, Vlad`s brother Raduo.

At that time Dracula joined the army of the Hungarian King Matthias Corvinus who where hidden in Transylvania  and together where about to attack the Turks. History tells that Vlad Dracula at that  time was imprisoned by the King after he embezzled the money intended for a military expedition. 

In 1475 Vlad Dracula returned to Wallachia with the help of Moldovians. He took control of the throne again for nearly a year, but died shortly. It is believed that he was killed at war by Turks and his head was given to the Sultan. Vlad Dracula in history is known as a very Intelligent, fair but cruel ruler and warrior.