The Novel Dracula

Written by Irish writer Bram Stoker published in 1897, the novel is just a spiced up story. Stoker never visited Romania nor Transylvania, however his writing is rich in historical and contemporary legends and facts.

The novel is about a young lawyer Jonathan Harker, who is sent by his boss to meet Count Dracula in Romania. Dracula wanting to buy a property in London, after signing the contract asks Harker to stay a bit longer in his residence. Harker was imprisoned by Count Dracula however he escapes to Budapest almost half dead. Harker's fiancé Mina heads to Budapest to take him back to England. Count Dracula follows the pair to England and bites Mina`s best friend Lucy. Lucy becomes a bloodthirsty vampire, Harker together with Dr. Abraham Van Helsing a Dutch paranormal phenomena expert, kill her and the Count flees back to Romania. Not for long the two heroes end the novel by killing the Dracula too.